Why choose a cast iron valve?

Valvola in ghisa vs acciaio. Maran e Peracini

In projects requiring long-lasting life of materials, quality and reliability of the components used are critical factors, as they allow to minimize the total impact and costs of potential malfunctions or breakages, and of the replacement of the damaged parts themselves.

In many fields, cast iron represents the optimal choice, allowing savings without compromising quality when compared to steel. Maran e Peracini valves are designed and manufactured following binding manufacturing standards released by internationally recognized standardization bodies (EN, ISO, ASTM, UNI, DIN, …) and are used in several sectors and applications.

Corrosion resistance is a very important factor in the production of machinery. We have therefore compiled a guide for the use of our valves in grey cast iron (EN-GJL- 250) and ductile iron (EN-GJL- 400) with regard to the presence of various types of corrosive liquids. The suitability of materials is however strongly influenced by the operating conditions of every machine (pressure, temperature, concentration of chemical components / corrosive liquids) and therefore the chart represents a guideline.

In the website sections dedicated to the different fields of application it is possible to assess which of our products among gate valves, check valves, foot valves and strainers will be more appropriate for each particular field of application.

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