Valves corrosion suitability

Materials used in our gate, check, foot valves and strainers, suitable for contact with chemicals or corrosive fluids. The cast iron valves that we produce in different versions in order to allow them to be used for various industrial applications and for general use are designed and manufactured following the mandatory of Constructive Standards issued by internationally recognized standardization institutes such as EN, ISO, ASTM, UNI, DIN. The behavior of metals and alloys in contact with corrosive fluids is, many times, influenced by causes entirely unusual; consequently it is difficult to draw up a complete list of chemical components and the relative suitability of the materials used for the construction of the plants, also in relation to different concentrations, pressures and temperatures. The table is intended as a guideline for the use of our valves; in case of doubt regarding materials and their corrosion resistance we suggested to seek advice from skilled persons such as Materials Engineers.